Rocky Rivers, Rocky Finances

Although we have reached the end of the Xingu river, we still have work to do here in Brazil. We will be visiting Brasilia to talk to the government Indian agency FUNAI and environment agency IBAMA. We also need to talk to our conterpart organisations here.

In the Xingu, our equipment cases were broken into and over a thousand US dollars in cash (our reserve) was stolen. The theft was very professional; the thief opened padlocks, delved into the cases, located the cash which was packed discretely in a place which was not obvious. He then replaced everything as it had been (including the empty envelope where the money had been), closed the padlocks, returned the cases to their original position and left the room as he had found it, re-locking it as he left.

We were unaware of the theft for several days, and had no proof, though substantial circumstantial suspicion, of where the theft occurred, or who was the perpetrator.

We started the expedition on a shoestring, having been successful in raising less than two thirds of our target. We have now exhausted the money we raised and are having to use our own money to finish the expedition.

So if anyone out there is feeling generous, we would really appreciate your donations. You can easily make a donation of any amount by credit/debit card here:

There are other ways to support us on the same site.


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