New Projects

During the Heart of Brazil Expedition, we identified several projects which we intend to support. I will be posting details of each project over the coming weeks.

The projects we are working to develop are, in brief:

  • Purchase of boat for transporting crops, mainly bananas, from the village to the nearest road.
  • Radio Xingu: provision of broadcast transmission equipment to allow the existing team to broadcast their material instead of sending it on CDs to the villages of the Xingu Indigenous Park.
  • Xingu Indigenous Park: Geographical Information System for monitoring/policing the boundaries of the reserve.
  • Various villages: establish a marketing/research facility to identify markets for products and products for markets, and to facilitate the sale of produce at advantageous prices.
  • Various villages: facilitate growth and expansion of existing honey production by establishing a Fair Trade partner in the UK
  • Establish Fair Trade partner in the UK or USA for chocolate (cacau) production; investigate organic certification; technical assistance in the propagation, collection, transport, storage and processing of cacau.
  • Medicinal plant nursery so that the knowledge of medicinal plants can be safeguarded and extended.
  • Reforestation of recovered land.
  • Assistance with video camera and ancillary equipment for recording cultural and historic material.
  • Assistance with recuperation of traditional crop plant species.

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We would like to thank the following major sponsors:
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