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All about the People

There are fourteen distinct tribal groups within the Xingu Indigenous Park, which covers only about the first quarter of the expedition. There are two other tribes in the area of the headwaters, and a further five or so in the lower part of the river. I will slowly introduce you to the tribes, based on the information we have so far, and I will add more during the expedition.


Welcome to the Heart of Brazil Expedition News

Hello and welcome. We will be using this news site for two purposes; first, to keep anyone who is interested in the expedition up to date with progress as we prepare for the expedition; second, to pass on background information in a series of bite-sized chunks.

To get the best from the site, we suggest that you go first to the ‘pages’ on the tabs above or in the menu on the right; we will be adding information to each page regularly. The information will first be posted in the ‘blog’ section, then transferred to the pages, so the pages are ordered oldest to newest and the ‘blog’ is newest to oldest. By using the ‘categories’ on the right to browse the ‘blog’ posts, you can read any posts that haven’t been transferred to the pages in a more relevant order.

We are new to this process, so things will probably take a while to settle down. Please bear with us until they do.

Patrick and Sue Cunningham